I have done what needs to be done, and moved on with my life accordingly. I am actually glad it all happened. for it is all done now, and we are out on our own together. finally. I feel elated, as if a huge burden has been lifted, and I am whole again.



There is something to be said for the last couple of weeks. it has changed me. literally taken me to places i never thought I could go. made me fight for what I believe in. Stand my ground. Make me hurt, but live to tell about it. So here I am last week of school (woohoo!) and then after this I wait for the beginning of an end. an end to me being someone I am not.

I am not a jealous person, but if you fuck with my boyfriend I will fuck him harder :)
I am not an extravagant person, my boyfriend has just taught me that I deserve nicer things :)
I am not poor (anymore) but I am not rich (by any standards), I may still have trouble paying rent, and I might get sick because I cant afford the right kind of food for me, but we get fed, and we at the end of the month we still have a roof over our heads.
I am not unloved; actually even my enemies love me (why else do you think people talk trash about you?!)
I am not an evil person but if you annoy me or go out of your way to do it, just expect the same from me.
I am not innocent; pretty much refer to all of the above...


I am a fighter. I fight for what I believe in, and I fight hard.
I am a lover. I love my friends, my boyfriend and my family (in not particular order) I love them with a passion that will never die. fuck with them. you fuck with me.
I am beautiful. deal with it.
I am sexy. refer to last comment.
I am an awesome cook. I hate that I dont have the time to cook as much as I would like, but I can cook amazing; or so ive been told. :)
I passionately love learning and therefore school.
I love my life; and everyone in it!

Most of all though:
I love myself.

Something that has taken me 24 years to do.