Resume Perfectionist

Okay, I'll admit it, I'm a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my resume (yes, I know there is supposed to be one of those things above the e). I am continously looking for ways of changing and perfecting it, I really like finding out how to improve it and making it just stunning. I have had friends ask for my advice on such matters and have seriously thought of just doing it for something to do, as I was surprised that people actually pay for such things?! who would have thought. I am going to revamp my resume again (for the millionth time) and wanted to help the rest of humanity because well lets face it, no one wants to read your 11 page resume (my biggest pet peeve. ever.) or hear about that one time you went for one day to that one meeting that taught you that one thing (who.really.cares) So in hopes of expanding it I have come across an amzing set of articles I invite you all to read :) I will also after doing this new draft of my resume (and possibly Tyrell's to since we god knows he needs help with that); I will post it here (with all personal info removed of course).


I also encorage you to read the comments, as other people can provide insightful info as well.


Twin XL said...

I'm really particular about my resume, too. However, I think the cover letter is waayyy worse to perfect - hate writing them :(

Dorm Linens said...

When it comes to resumes - perfection pays off :)