Road Trip (May 20-23)

I really don't know what to put as a subject. The last few days were to put it simply...amazing.

Nicole and James' Wedding was wonderful and just so "them". It made me happy to see her happy in love that smile on her face, that almost relief that its finally finally here. It was beautiful. All of it. Congrats to them both. Although truly Nicole it seems like yesterday that we were playing Little Mermaids in the spa at my parents old house in Laguna Niguel. LOL. Good times :)
We left early on Sunday, and of course somehow I always end up coming back with more from my mom's than I brought there. We started driving up the coast following the 101/1 the whole way up to San Francisco. It was of course a beautiful drive. We stopped at several places, and of course reveled in the beauty of "Steinbeck Country". The highlights were, Santa Cruz, which we went to the board walk, and rode on the Big Dipper, which was one of the items on my "bucket list". We then chased the seagulls down by the beach, I don't think you could have taken the smile off our faces even if you tried. We were loving every minute of that gorgeous sunset on the beach. After that we kept driving and meandering our way up the coast, our last leg of the adventure was me driving our the Golden Gate Bridge, something I have wanted to do for a very long time. I needed to overcome a lot in order to do it, It took me until my 24th Birthday in order to get my drivers license, which was a feat within itself. But the one thing I wanted after that was to have the confidence with my driving to drive over that bridge, and last night I did it. It was near midnight when I did, so to be fair it was probably a little easier than during the day; but I still did it. and had an amazing time. & I got to cross that one off my list also.
The entire trip was really surreal and I am completely exhausted, but more rejuvenated, and ready for whatever life throws at me.

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Caesar Tuna Melt

Sounds weird I know, but bear with me it is AMAZINGLY GOOD!

What you need:
Caesar dressing
canned Tuna (or chicken)
slice of cheese (I prefer colby-jack)
olive oil

Take the tuna and drain it, mix in the caesar dressing until its moist, butter the bread on one side, put olive oil in pan and heat up, on med heat. Place one slice of bread butter side down on pan, put cheese slice and then a nice portion of tuna mixture. Place other piece of bread butter side up on top, heat on both sides evenly. cut in half and enjoy!

As a side note, I think adding a slice of tomato, and Tyrell suggests tomato and avocado (although he wouldn't eat it.)

iTunes. Really?!

So I'm having to download iTunes on my desktop...first off my ETA is 1 day. :( this is prob due to my internet situation, which consists of me tethering through my G1 and even though its got between 2-3 bars on 3G it still is insanly slow. Also when did iTunes become 98mb???!!!!  Really?! I just don't know what to say about that...