Charlotte RusseImage by jcurtis4082 via FlickrLast night I dreamt about my Mom (Carole Ann) and my birth mom (Susan). I was shopping in this HUGE Charlotte Russe store. after walking around the store for awhile, my Mom said I could get something, but that I needed a shirt, so I was like oh I know where that is and ran off, and at first I was in awe of how big the store was, and then I got frustrated cause I got lost and couldn't find the shirts, I had thought I knew where they were but clearly they were not there, it seemed the whole store was full of more shoes and purses, and pants, but where was the shirts? then I wandered to this part of the store that had wedding dresses, I saw them and thought, "I really want to look at these, but Ive wasted a ton of time, so I should just look at them online" no big deal, then as I was turning this corner, I saw the maternity clothes, which confused and intrigued me at the same time, I look down, and sadly think about how I cant afford to have a child, let alone get married, Then Susan comes over and starts yelling about this shirt she cant find, there was a lady who worked in the store next to us and told her to be quieter, I then reiterated that, yes she was yelling and there was no need, I had no idea what she was talking about she became frustrated and just left. I didn't follow, for once, I didn't, I hesitated for a moment lingering in the doorway of the maternity clothes then walked in, where upon I woke up.

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I feel

like I need to start making a list in my head of what I CAN do, instead of all of these CANT's. What I AM instead of what I am NOT.

Finding the googd within all the bad, is something I really need to focus on.

I am beautiful, kind, and loving.

So my 3 promises to myself for the next 7 days are: (10/8/10-10/15/10)
  •  Take care of my self; every day doing at least one thing just for me.
  • Spending only an hour of "freetime" on the computer (outside of work, of course)
  • Cook all of my meals at home (no eating out at all).
Ill let ya know the results :)


Wheat free living 101

First find restraunts that offer wheat free choices. If as your ordering the manager comes over to table intrduces himself and tells you he will watch your dish personally to see that it will not get contaminated that's a good thing (ie: BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse) if they are not sure about their wheat or gluten free offerings...don't risk it...they will lie and charge you more for the privalege (ie: La Vecchia Italian Restaurant)

Second experiment with different homemade stuff.  And read labels, if its wheat free and not organic and less than its organic counterpart; its mac and cheese do you really care if the powdered cheese is organic?! My faves is: De Boles. Good stuff.

That's all for today :)