good times

Feeling uplifted is one of the most amazing feelings ever. To feel on top of your game, stable, just relaxed about life. I have only truly been in that situation once in my life, (2 plus years ago, when i moved back to Reno) and it was amazing; as scary as this is to say i think i might be entering into another one of those. I am totally thrilled and scared to death at the same time.

We got new roomates whom are freaking amazing. I have always thought my friends are awesome but sometimes they seriously surprise me how awesome they are. We have gone on a few "dates" together (all 4 of us) and just had a blast. We are all pretty nerdy, so they can handle it when tyrell goes on one of his rants lol. And having another couple who has our zest for life is really amazing.

Wedding planning is going great! The wedding fair is this weekend i am ubber excited. I love doing all the dorky things at wedding fairs and just enjoying the atmosphere those places create; plus its pure unadulterated girl time. Which i dont get as often as i should.

I have started,finished, and failed to install gentoo TWICE on my netbook, i am doing SOMETHING wrong...grrr... lol ill figure it out eventually. Then i am going to root my phone, and install linux on my desktop. Being windows free will be nice.
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