Camp journal: june 23 2011 22:51

Today was a good day. Just a fantastic, need to write about it day. I woke up a bit sore because being here is a ton of work. I got up around 6:30am and went and walked up to the dining hall and noticing no one was there I went and walked to the chapel. Sitting on the altar just watching the lake that was like glass it was amazing then I went up to the dining hall and as with every morning it is usually me and the ridge boys and Jeff we usually talk about random stuff until mor people wake up. At 7:30 is the directors meeting, then flags,Breakfast was eggs (which were rubbery) and the always strangly textured oatmeal (it was really runny this morning). And the guys I hang out with are really awesome, they consist mostly of waterfront and climbing staff. We then did some training and then broke into our programs, we had girl scouts come into camp today so I had to prepare for that. We cleaned up a lot of stuff, and then went to lunch, then after lunch we had a mock fire drill. All of the "adults" who were 18+ got picked (if they wanted) for fire crews...I didn't want to do it. I know I'm a Wildland Firefighter...but...I just didn't want to...I eventually got onto the medic crew which I was estatic about. I think I really might got for my EMT training eventually. Anywho, we then did our girl scout craft which gave me a good idea of how my 2 other people would do for the "real thing". After that we went up for Pow Wow practice, which I really do need practice for...but it is SO much fun. We walked back then flags, and dinner.  And then we had some training, then we went to the firebowl (which again is sooo much fun). It was 8:30pm and Tamala let us go early. Which after this week I think we all needed. I took a much needed shower then some of us sat on cabin porchs and told jokes, listened to music, just kinda hung out. 10:30pm is lights out, so I usually go into bed and just lay in bed with my ipod until I fall to sleep...

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